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What is an OEM Wheel? 

tri City Wheel RepairYour truck or car will have one of two types of wheels installed on it. These two types of wheels are aftermarket or Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) and are typically made by the same manufacturer.

What Is OEM?

OEM is a term used by the automotive industry to signify original parts made standard for your vehicle. Wheels that are not OEM are ones purchased and placed on the vehicle after delivery to the new owner.

Different Kinds Of OEM Wheels: There are two different kinds of OEM wheels, alloy and steel. Steel wheels are most often used on trucks. They are the most common form of a base wheel due to their lower manufacturing cost. Alloy wheels are nicer looking, more durable and more expensive to make. Alloy wheels are commonly made from aluminum.

Manufacturers of OEM Wheels: The manufacturer of OEM wheels is usually the same as the manufacturer for aftermarket ones. The difference between the two is cost, design, strength and the logo. OEM wheels will have the name of the vehicle branded on them; whereas the aftermarket wheels have the manufacturer's name imprinted on each wheel.

If you desire more information about OEM wheels, contact the Tri-City Wheel Repair company for further assistance.