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Living in the desert has its benefits and set backs. When you invest in premium rims, have factory wheels, or even just an upgrade from a standard metal wheel, desert terrain can go from smooth asphalt to broken, to ragged pot holes to off road conditions without a warning. Any wheel purchased in today’s market is not designed for such demanding conditions. Replacing even the most “affordable” wheels should not be your first option. Tri City Wheel Repair can in most cases make your dented rims round. Give us a call at 760-949-3533 and see what we can do for you.

Here is some additional information about wheels that may prove helpful. Drive Safe!

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Dealing with Curb Damage
Even living in an area like Phelan or Hesperia Ca, when driving, curbs can cause some serious damage to the wheels of an automobile. Many times, a wheel becomes damaged when a person drives . . .

How to Avoid Wheel Gouges?
If you have wheels made from lighter material like aluminum, gouges can occur. Wheel gouges are often formed when you drive too close to the curb, and the soft aluminum can be pushed. . .

How to Tell if a Rim is Bent?
If you are wondering whether your car rim is bent, you should first perform a visual inspection to ascertain if anything is out of place on your vehicle. If you have been hearing a constant thumping sound while you are driving. . .

What is an OEM Wheel?
Your truck or car will have one of two types of wheels installed on it. These two types of wheels are aftermarket or Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM). . .

When should you replace your automobile tires?
Manufacturers never design automobile tires to last forever because it's not possible at this point. For some reason, many drivers run their vehicle until the tires are ready to fail. . .


When to Seal Leaky Rims
The rims on some cars can easily leak, causing corrosion which can lead to damage to your vehicle's paint job. Many people prefer to take cars with leaking. . .

Why Powder Coat Wheels?
Compared to liquid finishes, powder coating your car wheels has several advantages. Powder coatings are not just potentially more attractive but also offer a more durable finish that is both environmentally friendly . .